MoveIt: Move Media to SD Card App Review

The myth of unlimited storage at RAM is never ending issue for mobile users and believe me, it is unquenchable thirst. Therefore, the need to have an app which can transfer important data and media files into ROM or SD card is at highest level. Moreover, the problem of hanging mobile while inserting data is another area of concern. Because data cannot move automatically from Ram (random access memory) to Rom (read only memory). Here today, we are going to share our review on one of the amazing app which is aimed to resolve all your worries which moves data automatically from mobile to SD card. Moveit- Move data in SD Card is our selected app which is exclusively available on Google play store. It is currently updated on 3 April, 2018 and file size is 5.6 MB and requires Android 5.0 or higher version. It is an extreme useful app to transfer your images, videos and audios into SD card.


Moveit is an app which is use for transfer of media files (Videos, Audios and Images) with simple and easy way. In case of your internal storage of phone filled with data and you want to transfer your images, videos and audios to SD card. Move it is a handy tool) for you to easily and conveniently transferring the data. It has inbuilt cleaner which helps to excess in both storage of phone and speed. After installing Move It, it automatically transfer your images, videos and audios to SD card without opening the app. Also add an exclusive function of internal and external storage media scanner which helps to find hidden media files. It transfer media to any location from internal storage to SD card and you can search any file from internal and external storage by using Move it app.

Pros and Cons of App

For taking advantage from Moveit, you can transfer files from internal storage to SD card automatically. Moveit can clean temp files, apk’s files, cache, thumbnails and empty folders with inbuilt cleaner. It also finds hidden files from internal and external storage which is not displayed. In this app an audio, image, and video player inbuilt, which help to display your media file. It is an electronic device app which is not responsible for the loss of your important images, videos and audio files. You fall in great trouble if your critical and important data delete with mistake. There is no guarantee to secure and protect your data.


Overall it is best app with useful features of transferring data. Audio, video and image player is also inbuilt for playing files easily. Save data automatically to SD card after filled of internal storage of phone. A cleaner is available to protect from viruses but they do not give guarantee for the protection of data. This app is useful to prevent from many types of problems.

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