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Angela Tramonte Instagram – Angela Tramonte, of Massachusetts, had met Dario Dizdar online only months preceding having traveled to Arizona to meet him. She was pronounced dead under 24 hours after the fact.

Police said there’s no proof of treachery. The full report by the Maricopa County Office of the Medical Examiner has not been delivered at this point.

Tramonte had met Dizdar online a couple of months earlier, and traveled to Phoenix to meet him toward the finish of July.

The pair had gone on a climb at the Echo Canyon Trail at Camelback Mountain Friday, July 30, and by 4:40 p.m. that evening, she was dead. Tramonte had been found lethargic at the 2,706-foot top and articulated dead at the scene.

Dizdar told police that he was her sweetheart, and that they began the climb together yet part of the way through, she chose to pivot, ABC 15 announced. He said he had needed to proceed to the highest point of the mountain.

Capt. Loot McDade, a representative for the Phoenix Fire Department, said the pair wanted to meet at the parking area yet Dizdar couldn’t discover her when he got back to the base, as per the Arizona Republic.

Every last bit of her things were apparently still within her vehicle, specialists said. An observer who was additionally climbing the very path that day revealed to ABC 15 that he saw a couple climbing together and afterward saw Dizdar moving toward individuals at the base inquiring as to whether anybody had seen her.

What added to their doubt was that Tramonte kicked the bucket under 24 hours subsequent to showing up in the state, and that Dizdar had recently been focused by Arizona police for once lying about his personality.

Dzidar, who had been with the Phoenix Police Department since 2007, was at a parlor in Glendale, Arizona, in September 2009 when he recognized himself to Glendale cop as a cop, yet gave a name and date of birth that was not his, the inside undertakings report said, as indicated by the Daily Beast. He was being interrogated by the official regarding a companion who purportedly had been attacked outside of the bar. He likewise gave the cop some unacceptable number for the supposed casualty, the report expressed.

Dizdar mentioned to his boss what occurred, apologized and afterward helped out the examination concerning the supposed attack.

Dizdar is as yet on the Brady List, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office said, as per The Daily Beast.

The Phoenix Fire Department, in any case, affirmed that Dizdar recognized himself as a cop to crisis responders when Tramonte was found lethargic and later articulated dead, as indicated by The Daily Beast.

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