Joy Reyes and Paolo Contis Relationship Update – Paolo Contis New Girlfriend

Joy Reyes and Paolo Contis Relationship Update – In one-hour cut on Boy Abunda’s YouTube channel, Reyes opened up concerning the partition with Contis which came as a shock to fans after the performer all of a sudden got out every one of the performer’s photos on Instagram.

Reyes similarly denied before reports that the partition between the a few six years was a typical decision.

She continued to share that Contis, who used to be a home amigo, started to stay outside their home since at the finish of last year.

While she endeavored to challenge the performer to know whether they were having an issue, Contis kept on pardoning it.

Later on, Reyes uncovered that some concerned mates have chatted with her concerning sightings of her associate, which Contis had denied.

When asked by Abunda if the information she gathered were all self-evident, Reyes tended to authentically, revealing that she has evidence to a part of the revelations she discovered concerning Contis.

She also yielded that she endeavored to save the relationship, accepting that it would be best for her kids to grow up with an absolute family yet Contis was purportedly firm in cutting dilemmas with her.

Exactly when gotten some data about a possible untouchable, Reyes just looked at Abunda with tears which made the host not pursue the request any more.

She also watched out for the clarification given by Contis’ administrator Lolit Solis that the couple outgrew their warmth from one another.

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