Trevor Hirsch Car Accident – Death Cause

Trevor Hirsch Car Accident – New Jersey State Police are examining following a 23-year-elderly person was killed and two others were harmed in an accident in Cape May County short-term Sunday. State Police say a Lexus SUV was voyaging north on County Road 619 when it struck eight left vehicles and upset going to an uncontrolled lay on Webster Avenue.

Witnesses told our picture taker a vehicle was driving at an exceptionally high velocity not long before the accident.

Because of the accident, the back seat traveler was killed and the front traveler supported genuine wounds.

The back traveler was recognized as 23-year-old Trevor Hirsch, of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. The front seat traveler was recognized as 21-year-old Ryan Hirsch, of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania.

The driver, 23-year-old Nicholas Hirsch, of Coopersburg, supported minor wounds.

An examination is continuous.

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