Gia Kush Video Twitter Temblor Del Sismo – Si Voy a Morir Voy a Morir Feliz Video Completo Detail

Gia Kush Video Twitter Temblor Del Sismo – Gia Kush settled on the choice to stroke off and not leave her structure during the quake. The video immediately circulated around the web on networks.

This Tuesday in September a tremor happened in Mexico that without a doubt left numerous visual and video records of individuals who chose to show what was occurring at the lamentable second.

A young lady distinguished as Gia Kush became a web sensation subsequent to recording herself exactly at the hour of the tremor. Rather than clearing and leaving her structure, the young lady chose to remain inside her condo.

Doubtlessly, the reality became famous online and obviously, many individuals didn’t spare a moment to make images.

In the recording, he clarifies that the structure where he lives is against tremor and simultaneously the seismic alarm was heard while he glanced out the window of his condo and stroked off.

The video so far has in excess of 402,000 perspectives, 4.7 retweets and 14,500 preferences.

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