Gordy Anderson Obituary – Gordy Anderson Passd Away

Anderson, Gordon Benjamin – (“Gordy”) Was brought into the world in a soil amazed duplex in Minneapolis on August 7, 1927 and would consume his whole time on earth endeavoring to better himself and his family. This started at an early age as he would catch a ride out to the Minneapolis Golf Club to assist for a couple of pennies daily. Subsequent to getting back from WWII where Gordy filled in as an Electrician’s Mate, First Class in the Navy, he started a profession at A&P as a meat shaper. With the help and support from his caring spouse, Gordy took a risk on himself and his future by applying for a new line of credit to begin his own supermarket. That first store transformed into a chain of 15 supermarkets that extended across Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Colorado. He utilized many individuals and was a noticeable individual from the Worthington people group where he filled in as Chairman of the Board of The State Bank of Worthington. Gordy got the Grocer of the Year Award in 1994 by The Minnesota Grocers Association. He was subsequently named the President of the Minnesota Grocers Association and after a famous lifetime was enlisted to their corridor of acclaim in 2006.

Gordy’s life was characterized in the most punctual days by difficulty, however proceeded with coarseness and constancy drove him to incredible achievement. Nonetheless, his most prominent achievements and pride were not in his expert accomplishments, but instead in his loved ones. Gordy’s late spouse Barbara was his most prominent wellspring of affection and reverence. He constructed a business, a daily existence, and a group of seven kids with her and ascribed everything to her affection and backing.

Gordy’s dad moved from Denmark and his mom was the little girl of Scandinavian foreigners. He felt a profound interest and association with his heritage and made a huge effort to get where he came from. Venturing to such an extreme as to put an advertisement in a Danish paper to discover far off family members who he would cross the Atlantic to meet.

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