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Shelley Ross Photos – Chris Cuomo’s previous manager at ABC who blamed him for physically bothering her, said the CNN anchor was “not any more edified today than he was” the point at which the provocation occurred.

She talked with Insider about Cuomo subsequent to composing a commentary in The New York Times in which she said Cuomo got her butt in 2005 at a disappearing party for an associate at a Manhattan bar.

Ross, who was the chief maker of an ABC diversion exceptional at that point and recently filled in as Cuomo’s leader maker at “Early evening Live,” revealed to Insider she trusted Cuomo hadn’t accomplished the work to better himself since the episode.

“I was trusting that in 15, 16 years that he had changed, however he’s not any more edified today than he was then, at that point, as shown by his reaction,” she said.

Because of Ross’ opinion piece Cuomo disclosed to The Times: “As Shelley recognizes, our connection was not sexual in nature. It happened 16 years prior in a public setting when she was a top chief at ABC. I was sorry to her then, at that point, and I would not joke about this.”

Cuomo didn’t quickly react to Insider’s solicitation for input.

Ross said his reaction “illustrated” that he had not developed from the episode.

“I don’t recognize that there’s whatever was ‘our cooperation.’ I was not a member,” she said. “I was grabbed. Thus to say that I recognize collaboration, no. That shows an absence of edification.”

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