Pmln Zubair Leaked Videos – Zubair Umer Scandal

Pmln Zubair Leaked Videos – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior pioneer and previous Sindh lead representative Muhammad Zubair, has re The express clasp, which has as of late stood out as truly newsworthy, purportedly included Zubair who can be seen having sexual demonstrations with various unidentified ladies while his face can be found in the clip.Sharing his position on his authority handle, the previous Sindh lead representative stated “Whoever is behind this has done an amazingly poor and dishonorable demonstration. I have served my country with trustworthiness, honesty, and responsibility and will keep on raising my voice for the improvement of Pakistan”.sponded to the viral video outrage that surprised the web The occurrence started another discussion via web-based media with clients, columnists, lawmakers communicating outrage. It isn’t the primary episode of this sort as a large number of Pakistani lawmakers, entertainers, and different notables have succumbed to spills showing them in vulgar acts.Focal Person to Chief Minister Punjab Azhar Mahswani, taking a correspond at resistance pioneer, said it appears to be an inside occupation of Muslim League Nawaz. He finished the tweet referencing ‘Maryam Leaks Productions’.. Prior, columnists Gharidah Farooqi and Mansoor Ali Khan additionally reacted to the discussion saying they moved toward the PML-N pioneer he named it as a phony and doctored clMeanwhile, the circumstance of the supposed break likewise brought up various issues as it surfaced when Zubair is playing on the front foot against the decision party

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