Zach Hollingsworth Obituary | Cause Of Death !

Zach Hollingsworth Obituary | Has Died: On October 8, 2021, Zach Hollingsworth, a 2008 Capital alumni and previous Capital University men’s ball player, died unexpectedly. Zach had acquired a degree in Education and was instrumental in the men’s ball program history. Specifically, Hollingsworth generally affected the group’s accomplishment of winning two OAC customary season titles (2007 and 2008), one OAC competition title (2007) and meeting all requirements for two NCAA appearances (2007 and 2008).

“The aggravation you feel when you hear the information on another sibling tumbling to the evil presences. It never disappears a similar premonition only a couple of mins prior finding out about Zach Hollingsworth. Sick be seeing you sibling.

To all my different siblings battling PLEASE whenever connect there is ALWAYS somebody willing to visit with we should discuss it we can track down an alternate course. More than 11 years of companionships and bonds made time passes by yet our fellowships never blur I’m here you you!!!… .”

Find happiness in the hereafter. Zach Hollingsworth you certainly affected my life and I wish I could tell you.

“One of my long-term and most loved AAU players has died. This is an assertion from the b-ball program at Capital University where he played. Zach Hollingsworth Men’s Basketball. In particular, Zach was a group commander and probably the best partner that has at any point worn a Capital shirt. His folks, Dave and Lisa Hollingsworth, and family were extremely steady of Zach’s vocation at Capital. He leaves behind a four year old… .”

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