Zachary Hollingsworth Obituary | Cause of Death!

Zachary Hollingsworth Obituary | Has Died: Zachary “Zach” Lee Hollingsworth passed on October 8, 2021 at 35 years of age. Brought into the world on November 5, 1985 in Wilmington, Ohio to gatekeepers David and Lisa Hollingsworth, he is made due by Krista Hollingsworth, their youngster Jaxton Hollingsworth, kin Nate (Ann) Hollingsworth, sister Leah (Ayo) Ademiluyi, and maternal grandparents Patricia and Lee Smith. He was “Uncle Zach” to Traverse Hollingsworth, Amari Ademiluyi, Israel Ademiluyi, Zuriel Ademiluyi, and Selah Ademiluyi. He was gone before in death by his caring grandparents Carrie “Granny” and Don Hollingsworth.

“Loved” will not at any point truly epitomize how friends and family will recall Zach. He was charming, devoted, loving, and kind. Zach’s ecstatic soul and incomprehensible entertaining bone made everything more fun and distinctive. He gave you his total thought, gone into what you required, and had an intriguing ability to make you have a good attitude toward yourself. He valued speaking with people and various conversations would continue to go for a serious long time, going in point from hunting and music to thinking and cerebrum science.

Zach was a safeguard, a trademark imagined pioneer, and a money manager. His energy and self-motivation were moving, and he seemed to have an unending bank of considerations, a critical number of which were rotated around joining people and aiding everybody’s advantage. His life was focused on serving others, particularly veterans and the most helpless or ignored. He was an amazing father to four-year-old Jaxton who was reliably right nearby while he investigated for deer or cleared a tree.

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