Fran Stueber Death| Cause of Death!

Fran Stueber Death | Has Died: Francis Stueber, KISS frontman Paul Stanley’s long-term guitar tech, has passed on of COVID-19 at 52 years of age. KISS expressed in an online media post recently that their whole team was immunized.

Stueber chipped away at each KISS and Paul Stanley solo visit beginning around 2002. He likewise showed up on a scene of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, making that big appearance with KISS to perform for the soldiers. The tech likewise worked in the background for acts like Heart and the Offspring.

“My dear companion, mate and guitar tech for quite some time, Fran Stueber passed on yesterday unexpectedly of Covid,” Stanley posted on Oct. 17. “Both on and offstage I relied upon him for to such an extent. My family cherished him as did I. He was so glad for his better half and 3 young men as they were of him. I’m numb.”

KISS deferred various 2021 shows after both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley tried positive for COVID.

[KISS is] not permitting roadies or any other individual to be anyplace behind the stage except if they’re inoculated and the covers are all in all time,” Simmons as of late told Ultimate Classic Rock.

“KISS and their group have worked in an air pocket autonomously to defend everybody however much as could reasonably be expected at each show and in the middle of shows,” the band wrote in an assertion. “The visit likewise has a COVID wellbeing convention official on staff full-time that is guaranteeing everybody is intently observing all CDC rules.

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