Paul Ostrander Obituary| Cause of Death!

Paul Ostrander Obituary| Has Died: Paul Daniel Ostrander, 32 years of age, died surprisingly at his home in Gardiner, NY on October 16, 2021.

Paul was brought into the world on September 12, 1989 in Newburgh, NY to venerating guardians John and Barbara Ostrander. Albeit a lone kid, our home was in every case brimming with many school companions from Wallkill Nick Barnhart, Joe Sherman, Ashley Crinieri, Joe and John Dunnigan, Paul, Mike, Buck, Anthony, Ryan, Brian, AJ, Jackie, Jimmy and around 500 others as indicated by the posts on his Facebook page. Paul got an Associate in Science certificate from SUNY Ulster in 2010 and as of late returned to SUNY New Paltz where he was seeking after a vocation in music treatment. He filled in as a columnist and photographic artist for with Hank Gross and Cousin Ginny and appreciated gathering every one of the nearby government officials and finance managers. He was an individual from the Roseton Rod and Gun Club and the Wallkill Rod and Gun Club; fishing was a family custom. Paul adored rollercoasters, skating, gathering comic books and playing computer games yet his principle energy was music. He gave illustrations through his organization AGPBT music. He played lead and low pitch guitar, piano and consoles, and drums. He adored his sticking meetings with his “for no particular reason” band with companions Josh Seaman and Chris Bender. His “for pay” band 7he 7team is the place where he met his siblings and bandmates Herb Goulding, Elijah Jennings and Marquis Camper. His companion from SUNY New Paltz, Darius Beckford, was likewise seeking after a vocation in music and now and then played with the band.

He went to St. Benedict’s church in Wallkill and took the name Melchizedek for his affirmation name since his number one minister, Father Larry Gibney, said nobody at any point picked that name.

Paul is made due by his folks John and Barbara Ostrander who cherished him past all action the entire life and will miss him the entire.

Paul is made due by his Grandmother Barbara Grove “Sticky”. He was her first grandkid and was brought into the world on her birthday. They shared their birthday festivities together for all of Paul’s life. Paul is made due by his darling Uncle Dan Grove, Jr., and his worshiping Aunt Deb and Uncle Stan Nawrocki, and his Aunt Mary Francise. Paul is made due by huge loads of cousins. He played his job as the “large cousin” to the more youthful ones Daniel Grove III, Hannah and Austin Nawrocki truly and venerated every one. He additionally cherished his more established cousin, Jonathan Devine and his numerous different cousins Matthew, Jennie, Eric, Rhiannon, Ryan, Shawn, Kathy, Jessie, Bubba, Tommy and every one of their youngsters. Paul is made due by his distant aunties June Maloney and Vera Mead and numerous different individuals from the Kish, Ostrander and Horace families. Paul is additionally made due by his devoted buddy, his feline Commander who has been taken on by his folks.

Paul was predeceased by his Grandfather Daniel Grove, Sr “Dad” and made an excursion to Hungary after his granddad’s passing to satisfy his deep rooted dream. Paul was the main individual from the family to learn Hungarian so he could do the gift at occasion suppers in Hungarian. Paul was additionally predeceased by his Grandmother Mary Ellen Maglio and his Great Grandparents Helen and John Mitchell and Violet and Frank Horace.

We might want to thank our companions at RBT CPAs and Cosimo’s Restaurant Group for their kindnesses.

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