Ben Skardon Obituary – Cause of Death!

Ben Skardon Obituary | Has died: Ben Skardon, 104, the most settled overcomer of the Bataan Death March to walk around yearly recognitions and an esteemed Clemson University image, has passed on. His story reached people the country over and Skardon continued to walk huge distances, including three miles across grounds as of late, in memory of his fellow prisoners of war who passed on.

Through everything, Skardon kept his certainty and his uplifting point of view, said Ken Scar, a writer and picture taker for Clemson University’s publicizing office who become companions with Skardon.

“He had this whole extra segment around the completion of his life,” Scar said. “He was a channel, a conductor to the past. He was describing the stories of his devoted friends. He understood that he would do well to participate in this because there were others who weren’t as regarded.”

Scar, an Army fight veteran, got to know Skardon in 2015 when he moved to Clemson and heard stories about more settled veterans. They branched out together to New Mexico for Bataan devotion walks and hung out.

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