Meghan Markle ‘not afraid to upset those in power’ with Spotify podcast


Meghan Markle is reportedly gearing up to ruffle more than just some feathers with Archetypes, her upcoming podcast on Spotify.

According to Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, the podcast will highlight the ways women are stereotyped and will include her in talks with several historians and experts on the issue.

However, a source close to Meghan believes that Archetypes will be used for much more than just tackling women’s issues.

Talking to Heat magazine, the source said: “Meghan knows there is a lot riding on this podcast after signing such a huge deal with Spotify.”

“She wants to speak about the things that are important to her and correct the wrongs that she feels have been done against her.”

The insider further shared that Meghan will be ‘speaking her mind’ and in doing so, probably upset even more people.

“She proven over the past few years that she’s not afraid to upset those in power and that won’t change,” the source said. 


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