Queen Elizabeth ‘scaling back’ Paltinum Jubilee celebrations as frailty looms


Queen Elizabeth scaling back Paltinum Jubilee celebrations as frailty looms

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly not going to attend all events making up her  Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The summer events, that will celebrate the monarch’s 70 years as the head of UK, are now scaled back due to the 95-year-old health conditions.

Royal biographer Angela Levin predicts that the Queen will only attend a few events during the month-long list of activities.

Ms Levin said: “It’s going to be very difficult and I think they will only show her in a few instances, maybe at the service at St Paul’s. That will be very important to her because she is a Christian.

“I don’t think we’ll see her around and about. Maybe she’ll be well enough to sit and watch horses. It won’t be her, everywhere. But if she is there, she will appreciate the fact the public will be wanting to be there and supporting her.”

She added: “I imagine that the aides are worried that if the public don’t see her, people may think that if she’s not there it’s not worth us going.

“I’m sure everyone in the Palace hopes that people will turn up to show their respects and say thank you for an extraordinary reign both in length and in breadth.”

Queen’s health as especially been impacted after her husband Prince Philip’s death in April 2021. Her Majesty grieved alone in Windsor Castle before contracting COVID-19 this year. Since then, there have often been events where she has sent either Prince Charles or Prince William to attend on her behalf.


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