Amanda Bynes drops new single ‘Diamonds’ featuring fiancé Paul Micheal


Amanda Bynes is pivoting to rap music, and on Thursday, teased her first track featuring fiance Paul Michael titled Diamond.

Taking to Instagram, the 36-year-old star posted a teaser  of the track, in which Paul was heard opening the song with Bynes joining in a few seconds later. 

The She’s All That star crooned the lyrics: “Diamonds, diamonds on the neck and my wrist”.

Bynes’ lawyer David A. Esquibias revealed that the rap song was recorded in early 2020.

Commenting on Amanda’s breakthrough as a rapper, David said: “Amanda is creative and playful.” 

“She had a lot of fun recording Diamonds during the first shutdown of the pandemic, and now she is able to share it with her fans,” he remarked.

The song can be played on several music platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes.

The Sidney White actress is fresh out of a conservatorship and seems to finally be finding her voice.


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