Kim Kardashian in hot waters for ‘misogynist’ remarks about pregnant Kylie Jenner’s body


The Kardashians fans are not letting Kim Kardashian get away with her misogynist remarks about pregnant Kylie Jenner’s body.

The much-awaited series was finally premiered on Hulu, bringing viewers’ attention to an upsetting scene where the 41-year-old mogul tried to guess the Kylie Cosmetics founder’s baby’s gender.

“I think it’s a boy,” the mum-of-four told Kris Jenner. “You’re skinnier this way, you’re prettier than you were last time, she added while leaving her sister and mom shocked.

“How could she be anyway prettier?” Kris asked.

“The girls take the beauty to give it to themselves,” Kim explained. “The boys know what’s up and they let you be a little bit prettier.”

Taking to Reddit, fans slammed the Skims founder for being ‘obsessed with looks.’

“Kim’s obsession with looks and weight is honestly psychotic at this point,” one user expressed.

“It’s not nice, especially since we know how casually cruel the Ks can be to one another, but this is a common bubbe meise [old wive’s tale],” a second comment read.

Another fan noted: “More than the body shaming, Kim’s statement just screams misogyny. Imagine thinking that your daughter is ‘stealing your beauty.’”


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