Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s ‘noble ambitions’ revealed


Prince George and Princess Charlotte may be young but they seem to have their hearts and minds in the right places with particularly noble dreams and ambitions!

In fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children have their hopes set on ordinary jobs and career paths just like any other kid their age,

Prince William in 2018 revealed during a reception at Kensington Palace that his eldest child, Prince George, is actually fascinated by the idea of becoming a policeman in the future!

According to Hello magazine, Police Commissioner Jayne Richardson had joked with William about how they were recruiting and if George and Charlotte would like to apply.

To this, Prince William admitted: “George is obsessed, actually, by the police… cars, toys, everything.”

George’s love for the idea of being in the police force was also revealed when William hand-delivered a letter to Santa Claus on his behalf in 2017. His Christmas list just included one thing: a police car.

Meanwhile, Prince George’s younger sister Princess Charlotte has similarly noble ambitions, Hello reported.

Palace insiders have revealed that Charlotte actually wants to be a nurse, with one source quoted by New Idea saying: “She’s such a caring little girl who also knows what she wants, so they wouldn’t be surprised if she does take on nursing as one of her big causes when she’s older.”


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