Simon Cowell on remaining on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ till he’s 65: ‘It’s all about energy’


Simon Cowell confirmed he’s on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ until his contract expires in 2025.

In a conversation with The Mirror, the music mogul said he will treat his fans until he’s 65 with his presence on the talent show.

“I just say 65 is the new 40. When I was 40, I thought, ‘God, what am I going to do when I’m 60?’ And I’ve got to be honest with you, I kind of feel the same as I did then,” he told the outlet.

The 62-year-old television personality added, “Thank goodness, we can all look and feel a bit better. It’s all about energy.”

Cowell was involved in electric bike accident after which he was confined to bed for nearly 6 months but now it seems like he’s back on track.

“I’ve seen people at 50 look exhausted, terrible. Haven’t got it. And in reverse, I’ve seen people in their 80s who’ve still got it mentally, who look good, feel good and run marathons,” Cowell explained.

As the show is back on the television screens after a year, Cowell was asked if he ‘ever considered quitting altogether and pulling the plug on BGT.’

Cowell replied, “Oh god yes. Anytime I think no one’s going to turn up any more or all the shows are going to get worse. Of course, I would do that.”

He went on how a year gap due to pandemic energised him and the show saying, “I do think that the gap definitely made a difference because it was feeling a little bit routine.”

“We all appreciate everything that much more now,” he concluded.


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