Tracee Ellis Ross dishes on her personal growth


Tracee Ellis Ross dishes on her personal growth
Tracee Ellis Ross dishes on her personal growth

Tracee Ellis Ross has recently dished out on her personal evolution and admitted that she never felt ‘comfortable’ in her skin while growing up.

Although the Girlfriends actor is the child of iconic singer Diana Ross, she has made a niche for herself in Hollywood with passion towards her craft.

Amid all, the High Note actor left fans in surprise after she opened up to Instyle magazine and shared details of her personal growth.

“I’m really proud of who I’ve become as a woman that, at 49 years old, I can hold both the grief for what hasn’t happened and also the joy for what is happening,” the actress began.

“I’m present in my experience with a sense of wholeness I really could not have imagined when I was growing up because I had a lot of discomfort in my skin.”

She continued, “I actually feel comfortable in my skin now. If you had told me that was going to happen, I don’t know that I would’ve believed you.”

She also discovered that part of the journey to comfortability was understanding that her joy and acceptance were based on her terms.

“Culturally, young girls are taught to dream of their wedding and not the life they want to be living or the people they want to become,” Ross, who is happily single, said. “I was not spared that messaging as a child — not from my mom or my dad, but from the world that we lived in.”

She mentioned that she spent a lot of time dreaming of her wedding. She added that if she had used those times to think about her dream, she might have gotten to achieve her dreams sooner. 


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