Demi Moore has bee ex-husband Bruce Willis’ rock amid his aphasia battle: spills source


Bruce Willis has been receiving great support from his ex-wife Demi Moore as he battles with aphasia – a medical condition damaging a person’s ability to understand and express speech.

Willis garnered lots of love from his fans in the wake of his health news including unflinching support from family and loyal ex.

According to OK!, Moore “was one of the first people Bruce told about his condition.”

An insider told the outlet, “Right from the get-go, Demi dropped everything to help. She’s been his rock.”

The 59-year-old actor is reportedly still ‘in constant touch’ with her ex since the former couple’s split in 1998,

“She calls him all the time, whether it’s about where to get the best treatment, tips on staying positive or updating him on the latest with their girls,” the source spilt to the outlet.

The G.I. Jane star reportedly has a great rapport with Willis’ wife Emma Heming and their daughter,

“And Emma couldn’t be more grateful for the way she’s stuck by Bruce’s side,” the insider added.

“Demi and Emma have shared discreet conversations over the years about how to protect Bruce and keep his spirits up.”


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