Ghislaine Maxwell brother spills REAL reason Andrew gave £12 million to Virginia Giuffre


Ghislaine Maxwell brother says Prince Andrew settled out of court with Virginia Giuffre to avoid causing Queen further pain.

Ian Maxwell told Jay Beecher that the truth about the Duke of York’s sex scandal would never be revealed since the payout has already been processed.

“I suppose we are never really going to know because it’s Prince Andrew and it’s all been swept away. However this is the Jubilee year of his mother, he is a dutiful son. This really causes her hurt, it’s obvious it would any mother.

“It causes her immense pain.

“He’s just exceptionally embarrassed he doesn’t want to do anything to upset the year.

“I think that he had to fold his tent, really and do the best he could by the Crown.”

Mr Maxwell, aged 66, continued: “Do I think that he had gone the other way and given evidence?

“I don’t know, I think it would have been very difficult evidence for him to give.

“We have that example of the performance with Emily Matlis in 2019 so he’s not good in that one on one situation, and then a court where he is fighting for his life, I think it would have been very difficult.

“However I also think that it would have been just as difficult for Giuffre as it would have been for him, he said produce the original of the infamous photograph in London, where allegedly the events that she says happened and she couldn’t produce it she’s never been able to produce that particular photo.

“At one level I suppose it suited both parties that ultimately it went the way it went.”

Mr Maxwell added: “I think he is very high profile target but we are just not going to know.

“I think it’s interesting that he ended up paying what seemed a very large amount of money to her non-profit organisation and that’s unusual.”

Andrew was accused of sexually assaulting Mr Giuffre when she was 17. The latter was allegedly trafficked to the Prince by Ghislaine Maxwell, close confidante of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


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