L’Imperatrice makes Coachella debut


L’Imperatrice makes Coachella debut
L’Imperatrice makes Coachella debut

Two years after the pandemic stymied their debut at the famed Coachella stage, French disco pop band L’Imperatrice is having their California moment.

“It´s a cherry on top,” said vocalist Flore Benguigui, speaking in English to AFP. “I think it´s magic.”

The six-person group — formed in Paris in 2012 — has finally made their way to the Coachella stage as part of a tour promoting their second album, “Taku Tsubo.”

“The world is different from, like 20 years ago… I think people are more open to different languages. People are maybe a bit more curious,” said keyboardist Charles de Boisseguin.

“French — maybe it´s also a bit mysterious,” he added.

The band — whose additional members include Hagni Gwon (keyboards), David Gaugue (bass), Achille Trocellier (electric guitar) and Tom Daveau (drums) — has several EPs under its belt but had only released one full-length album when the pandemic struck.

The shutdown gave L´Imperatrice peace and quiet to put together their second major record.

“We worked quite efficiently,” said Benguigui, explaining how they built their own studio, preparing for their reemergence and eventual tour.


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