Prince Philip left ‘heartbroken’ in final years after Prince Harry’s exit from Royal Family


Prince Philip reportedly has a ‘rought time’ after Prince Harry’s exit from the royal fold.

This claim has been made by Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha Markle in a new interview with the Daily Star.

There she was quoted saying, “Their actions against the royal family and the racial mudslinging that took place in the media was so hurtful and egregious that you can’t take back the spoken word.”

“But there are some things that you can see you can forgive, but it seems to be an ongoing thing, one insult after the other after the other, and people can only take so much before the impression is solidified.”

“Especially for this memorial and after everything that has transpired, Prince Philip certainly seemed to have a rough time in his last days,” she later added.

“Watching the Royal Family being attacked in the media by Meghan and Harry, all things considered, it seems to have been a heartbreaking journey for the Royal Family.”

“Maybe Harry feels bad about that but the least he could have done was to show up, pay respect. If he and Meghan are such humanitarians, you can’t take back the spoken word but the onus is on him to bridge that gap and show up humbly and show some remorse at a minimum.”

Before concluding she also took a swipe and added, “To put something as petty as security ahead of the obvious ethical, humane military and royal respect, it doesn’t make sense, it’s sad.”


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