Kerry Katona admits she has crush on Kim Kardashian’s beau


Pete Davidson captures another heart: Kerry Katona admits she has crush on Kim Kardashians beau

Kim Kardashian’s beau Pete Davidson seems to be hot favorite these days as he is capturing more hearts with his amazing personality.

Kerry Katona has admitted that Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson is her latest celebrity crush. In her latest column, she has revealed her crush on the 28-year-old comedian and explained why she fancied the serial dater. 

She penned: “I love the Kardashians, so I’m over the moon that a new series, The Kardashians, is on our screens. I just need to work out how I can watch it! I’m a massive fan of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, too.”

“I really like Kim and Pete Davidson together. I do actually fancy him a bit. He’s funny, isn’t he? And humour is a massive factor for me.” Kerry Katona confesses she has a crush on Pete Davidson.

“He also has that bad boy look about him and he’s unique. I definitely fancy him more than Kanye, that’s for sure.

Kerry gushed over the comedian, saying  Pete Davidson  and  Kim Kardashian are the ideal couple.

They’re brilliant because it takes you away from your life. “By focusing on celebrity highs and lows, you experience true escapism. I’m dying to see it!”


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